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For over 30 years, Ann Kellner has been providing exceptional design services for all of the Dallas Metro. Her exquisite design and eye for detail has attributed to her a rapidly developed ‘word-of-mouth’ reputation; one which has offered her a full time career without the need for mainstream advertisement. Her kind and life loving spirit has afforded her a regular client base who insist on trusting ONLY her with the beauty of their home. In many ways, this underground word-of-mouth nature of her client base has turned Annie into the best kept secret in Dallas for Interior Design Services.

Her resolute client base and personal reputation can be attributed to her desire to get to know her customers. She is someone who honors you and your living space and wants nothing more than to provide you with a home you will love and cherish. Her belief is that your home is something that should bring peace and tranquility, and should above all else, be a direct reflection of the people who live there. The task to accomplish this should not be held lightly and Annie understands that your trust in her should be honored and respected. This is your home, and Annie is here to make it beautiful.

My Philosophy

When someone walks into your home, what is their first impression? Ann Kellner understands that your home is a direct statement of what interests you, where you have been, and more importantly... who you are. This understanding has equipped her with the desire to not only strive to make your home beautiful, but to turn your home into a direct reflection of your own personal inner beauty. She understands that her services are only provided from your trust. This is your home and it is understood that your home is more than just a place you live. It is your place of peace; your place of relaxation; it is your own personal sanctuary. Annie's goal is to make it so.
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Ann Kellner is a
licensed Interior Designer
in the great State of Texas.

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